Grant Criteria

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The most important thing we need to emphasise is that we have very limited staff resources and are therefore unable to enter into correspondence regarding applications. We are unable, especially given the large number of applications we receive, to notify you if either your application has been received or unsuccessful. You will only hear from us with a notification that you have been successful accompanied by a cheque. However, in some instances we may contact you requesting further information regarding your application.

We only make grants to charities registered in England & Wales. We try to maintain support for those charities we have funded in the past. We try to target our support where we think it is most needed and are increasingly looking toward organisations that are dependent upon volunteer support and a small amount of money will go a long way.

One of the criteria that we will consider in grant making is the percentage of funds raised by a charity that are then spent in further fund raising. Should we consider it to be excessive we will not support that organisation.

A list of successful applicants will be posted to this site. Please note we are not able to enter into correspondence regarding applications as it is our aim to keep our administration costs to a minimum.