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The Trust was established under a deed dated 6th April 2000 thanks to a bequest from Gwyneth Forrester who died on 11th February 1999. It is a registered charity number 1080921.

Grants are made annually in March and fall into three categories:

1. Annual funding support for three years at the rate of £10,000 per annum. The sixteen charities selected for grants commencing in March 2019 can be viewed here. No further awards will be made into this category until March 2022.

2. Our theme for the year ended 31st March 2020 is Homelessness.

Themes for recent years have been as follows:-

– 2018/19 Children in Crisis
– 2017/18 Support for the Elderly
– 2016/17 Helping Youths and Ex-Offenders into Employment
– 2015/16 Hospices

3.  Disaster relief. In the year to March 2019 we made a donation to Disasters Emergency Committee of £50,000.


Gwyneth Forrester TrustWe regret that we are unable to consider any applications at this time. We will open the form on this site when we are next accepting applications.